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Wellsolved is a modern, environmentally-aware, property maintenance (handyman) service, based in Cambridge UK, serving Cambridge city and its surrounding districts.

With an historic layout and traffic calming measures it can sometimes take longer to drive around Cambridge than cycle through it. This is why a bicycle and trailer provides a thoughtful solution enabling fast access and a friendly alternative to driving, whilst reducing vehicle pollution too.

Of course not everything can safely be carried in a bike trailer, so a van is used when required. Larger items are delivered direct to customers from local builders merchants.

With Wellsolved you can call upon the combined services of a knowledgeable plumber, electrician, carpenter, painter, decorator or general handyman, whether it be for small tasks or larger projects.

Perhaps you need us to complete those DIY jobs that you've started but haven't the time to finish? Or perhaps you want the convenience of work taken care of for you from the beginning? Whether you need to get a house in order for new tenants or you are looking for a quick and reliable property maintenance service, all can be accomplished and...

... Wellsolved.